Zebronics Max Mechanical Keyboard Review

One of the best mechanical keyboards available in India

Mechanical keyboards are very costly when compared to membrane-based keyboards. There are very few options when it comes to mechanical keyboards in India. Many mechanical keyboards are priced above Rs. 7500. The TVS Bharat Gold is the only option priced below Rs. 2200. In fact, it is the gold standard in India. It is common to find the TVS Bharat Gold mechanical keyboard in banks, government offices and DTP shops. It is very popular but it is old fashioned and is designed mostly for the serious office work. It doesn’t come with LED lighting. The Zebronics Max appears to fill this void. At a price of about Rs. 2400, the keyboard is very affordable and is the best option if you are looking for an illuminated mechanical keyboard.

Zebronics Max Review

Design and Build:

The Zebronics Max is not a full keyboard. It is ten-key-less (TKL) keyboard which doesn’t have the number pad. However, the keyboard is not small and has is almost as big as a normal keyboard. The keyboard comes with a heavy metal base having rubber pads for a good grip. The metal frame has a matte finish and looks premium. The keyboard is well constructed and there is no flex. The keys are raised and so are very easy to clean. You can also easily remove the keys for cleaning. The keycaps are also of a good quality and are designed to last a long time.

Unlike the TVS Bharat Gold, the Zebronics Max doesn’t use the Cherry MX keys. Instead it uses Outemu Blue switches which are clones of Cherry MX Blue switches. The keycaps are compatible with Cherry MX keys, so you can change them if you like. The keyboard comes with a 1.8m braided USB cable with Velcro straps. The cable is strong and is designed to last. The left side of the keyboard contains the Scroll and Caps Lock LEDs and an illuminated Zebronics logo. The Scroll and Caps Lock keys also toggle on and off directly. If you use the keyboard without the backlighting, the panel is useful. The keyboard comes with 12 multimedia keys.

Mechanical Key Switches:

As mentioned already, the Zebronics Max uses Outemu Blue switches which are clones of the Cherry MX Blue switches. The switches have almost the same tactile feel of the original Cherry MX Blues. However, the Outemu Blues need a higher actuation force. They are also louder and clickier. This is an advantage if you are a gamer as it prevents accidental key strokes. The keys are also well suited for typing. However, if you are fast typist, the higher actuation force can cause a slight reduction in your speed. It may take some time to get used to it.

Each key comes with a single LED color. Each row has a different color. The LEDs are located outside the switches. The LEDs are very bright and the light diffuses through the keycaps and gives a good brightness level. You can change the brightness levels and toggle between normal and breathing mode using the function keys. There are three brightness levels.

Zebronics Max Specifications

Interface USB
Cable length 1.8m braided cable
Keys 87
Key stroke Keyboard type: Mechanical

Key stroke: Key pressure 50±10g, Key travel 4.0±0.2mm

Key life span: 10,000,000 times

Report rate: 1000Hz

Key cap drawing force: 2.0 +/- 0.2 KG

Keyboard backlighting Multi-coloured LED; 3 brightness levels


Zebronics Max Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Impressive pricing Wobbly keycaps
Strong construction No number pad
Backlighting with bright LEDs No LED indicator for Windows lock key


The Zebronics Max is the best option if you are looking for a mechanical keyboard with RGB illumination within a tight budget. It is slightly more costly in comparison to the TVS Bharat Gold but comes with a modern design and illumination. It is good for gaming and typing. The construction quality is sturdy the keyboard will definitely last many years.

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