Windows Live Writer Alternatives

A desktop blogging client is a sure shot way to increase your blogging productivity. It not only makes composing blog posts easy but also simplifies formatting and uploading images. Windows Live Writer from Microsoft is one of the best blogging clients today. However, there are many alternatives.


Windows Live Writer Alternatives:

1) BlogDesk

BlogDesk is one of the best alternatives to Windows Live Writer. It has a simple uncluttered interface but is very convenient for editing and formatting your articles. The best feature about BlogDesk is its powerful image editing tool. You can directly paste images and also them. BlogDesk is very lightweight and small in size. It is a must have for every blogger.

2) BlogJet

BlogJet is another lightweight and user-friendly blog editor. It comes with many features like inserting videos from YouTube, images insertion, etc. Formatting blog posts and attaching files to the posts is also very easy. BlogJet also caches posts, so you can access them offline directly or by searching for them.

3) Zoundry Raven

Zoundry Raven is a blog editor for managing blogs. It is easy to use and simple tools to add links, tags, photos, music and video files, etc. Zoundry Raven has not been updated in many years. However, its source code is freely available for further development.

4) Qumana

Qumana is an easy-to-use desktop blog editor which allows you to to write, edit and post to your blogs. Qumana features include easy text formatting and image insertion, simple Technorati tagging, and advertising insertion with Q Ads.

5) ScribeFire

ScribeFire is a browser extension available for the Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari that allows you to easily post to all of your blogs. ScribeFire is constantly updated with new versions being available regularly. Since, it is a browser extension, it can be used on all platforms: Windows, Linux and Mac. It can also be installed on portable versions of these browsers.

6) Ecto

Ecto is a blog editor for Mac. It comes with lots of formatting features and allows easy editing of images and many more features. Ecto is without doubt the best Windows Live Writer Alternative for the Mac..

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