Wikipedia to Launch Fully Transparent Search Engine to Rival Google

Wikipedia will soon provide a search engine. Wikimedia Foundation, the parent company which owns and operates Wikipedia, has allocated $250,000 last year for the development of the search engine. However, information about this development has been made public only this month.

The new search engine will be named ‘Knowledge Engine by Wikipedia’ and aims to provide a system for discovering reliable and trustworthy public information on the Internet. However, there are certain roadblocks that need to be overcome to create a fully operational transparent search engine.

Wikipedia’s search engine will rival Alphabet’s Google, Microsoft’s Bing and other search engines. The search engine will provide results from content located on Wikipedia and its sister websites. It will also pull data from other sources such as OpenStreetMaps and non-text sources to provide relevant contextual items.

Knowledge Engine will be open source, transparent about how a piece of information originates and allow access to metadata. It will also protect users’ privacy, not display advertisements and emphasize community building and sharing of information.

No launch dates have been announced as of now.

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