Wi-Fi Modem Not Detected in Windows 8: Solution

Sometimes, your Wi-Fi modem may not get detected in Windows 8. This happens particularly in HP & Compaq laptops and those laptops with Ralink Wi-Fi module. If you are experiencing this problem here is a solution.

In my case, I have a Compaq laptop running Windows 8.1 and a Beetel 450TC2 Modem. I had a Binatone modem before which stopped working. There were no issues with the older modem. However, Beetel 450TC2 was detected in the laptop only briefly.

The issue is with the number of Channels in the modem. Ralink Wi-Fi cannot work above 8 Channels. So you have reduce the Channel to a lower number.

To do this:

1) Enter the administration panel of your modem by connecting your laptop to the modem using the LAN cable. This is accessible from For my modem the default username and password are ‘admin’ & ‘password’ respectively. It may be different for your modem.

2) Click on “Interface Setup” and then to “Wireless”. In this tab you will see “Channel” which may be set to “Auto”.

3) Change the Channel value to 2. See the screenshot below to get a better idea. Your modem may have different options but this option will be there.

Beetel modem


4) Save and restart your modem.

Now you should see the Wi-Fi connection in your laptop without any issues.

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