Vodafone 4G Coming to Mumbai in December

Vodafone India, which is India’s No. telecom carrier, is all set to launch its 4G services in Mumbai in December this year. Currently, there are only two players in this field–Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio Infocomm.

The entry of Vodafone is likely to create fierce competition leading to more affordable plans. Vodafone India has invested in the development of 4G services in the country. Testing has been completed successfully. The company has also ready spent Rs. 500 crore in rolling out over 1000 sites in Mumbai.


Vodafone India will use the FDDLTE standard for its 4G services in Mumbai and utilize the 1800 MHz band. The 1800 MHz band is the more commonly used 4G band globally in comparison to the 2300 MHz band that Bharti Airtel uses for its services. The 1800 MHz spectrum provides better in-building coverage when compared to TDDLTE spectrum utilizing the 2300 MHz band.

Vodafone entered into partnership with a leading technology infrastructure service provider for the 4G network roll out. However, the name of the partner-company has not been announced officially.

Mumbai is one of the top data markets in India. Major telecom operators generate significant revenue from the same. To make its position in the market stronger, Vodafone is investing its resources in high capacity fibre and increasing internet connectivity.

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