Top desktop blogging clients for Windows

A desktop blogging client allows you to write your blog posts and publish them without having to login to your blog’s dashboard. There are only a few desktop clients. Most of them come with better formatting tools and also image editing tools that make uploading images easier.

If you are a casual blogger, a desktop blogging client will not be very advantageous. However, if you have many blogs or update your blog regularly, it is indispensable. Most professional bloggers and Internet marketers use desktop clients to update their blogs. Using a desktop blogging client is one of the best ways to improve your blogging productivity.

Advantages of using a desktop blogging client:

A desktop client will simplify writing and post your posts to your blogs. You can write, edit and format your articles without having an active Internet connection. You only need an active Internet connection when you want to upload the posts.

You can also schedule your posts directly from your desktop. Desktop clients come with added features such as spell checker, image editor and features for easy video insertion.

Desktop blogging clients support all popular blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, etc. You can maintain multiple blogs from a simple interface.

There are only a handful of desktop blogging clients. The top three include:

Windows Live Writer


Windows Live Writer is the best desktop blogging client for Windows. It is a freeware developed by Microsoft. It supports all popular blogging platforms and comes with a robust set of features. It is a part of Windows Essentials and can be downloaded from


BlogDesk is a lightweight blogging client. When compared to Windows Live Writer, its interface and features are minimalistic. However, it comes with a powerful tool for editing and inserting images in your blog posts. Overall, it is an effective tool for maintaining multiple blogs.


Download link:


BlogJet is a paid software but comes with many innovative features. It comes with many features such as auto replace, ribbon interface, file attachments and high-quality smileys. Unlike BlogDesk, it supports WordPress pages, a feature that is very useful if you use WordPress for building ‘static’ websites.


BlogJet comes with a 30-day free trial. You can download it from

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