Start using Twitter’s Direct Messages for Private Conversations and Upload Videos Instantly

Twitter is ensuring that it is in the news almost every day with its constant efforts bringing in new updates, thus, reaching out everybody in the world. Here comes yet another update, which for sure will bring the Twitter lovers much more closely to the social networking site than ever before.

There was an update from Twitter few months back which says that the social networking site shall be releasing few interesting and exciting features this year-2015.

On January 22nd, Twitter introduced the Bing translation tool feature to enable translation more than 40 languages.

Now, it is time for its next 2 features to be out. Twitter is ready to feature – Private Conversations and Video Uploads.

Private Conversations

You can now speak privately about the tweets you go through with a group of about 20 people in it. Now there is no room for hesitation to converse on any topic, but with your smaller group.

Twitter Direct Messages

Direct messages let you communicate privately with a person or a group instantly. You can converse with different brands, experts, people, popular movie stars etc.

Video Uploads

The Twitter app enables everyone to capture, edit and upload videos of their choice on Twitter instantly. The app is user-friendly and so is the camera in it. The video camera comes with an in-line editing tool and you can capture, edit and upload videos up to 30 seconds in a single go.

Twitter Video Uploads

Video on Twitter is currently available on Apple and Android phones. Download the app to get started. If you are an iPhone user, you can upload the video is from the camera roll as well. Android users are yet to get this app; however, Twitter is working on this and makes sure that this feature is available to all Android users as well.

Bring in more joy and enjoyment to you as well as others by capturing life as it is and expressing yourselves with the people you want. Do try out the two new features and have fun!

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