Secure Your WordPress Blog from Password Crackers

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform. Millions of bloggers and webmasters across the globe use it to power their websites. Because of its popularity crackers target it. If you check cracking news websites, you will find 100s of WordPress websites hacked every day.

If you are using WordPress to power your business website, you should be particularly careful about security as downtime can mean lots of revenue loss.


There are many ways to secure your WordPress installation. You can start by updating your installation as soon as a new version becomes available. You should also update all the installed plugins and themes.

Crackers use security vulnerabilities to compromise websites. As soon as these vulnerabilities are detected, the developers working on WordPress release an update. For the same reason, it is better to use plugins that are regularly updated and have a bigger user base.

Sometimes crackers may try to break your WordPress password using simple trial and error. While this is not often successful, it can work in some cases—especially when your password is weak or easily guessable.

You can prevent this by limiting the number of login attempts using this plugin. By default, WordPress allows unlimited login attempts. Thus it is possible that someone may use a bot to bruteforce your password. However, using this plugin you can restrict the number of attempts made. After a specific number of failed attempts, the login page will be locked for some time preventing the cracker from making further attempts. You can set the number of login attempts and the lockout time in the plugin settings..

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