Ola Introduces Social Ride-Sharing Feature

Ola has launched a new ‘Share’ feature in its app which will give users the option to share city rides. This is going to be a nice option for people who want to cut their travel expenses.

The carpooling feature is still in beta phase. It is currently available only in Bengaluru for select users. However, it will be made available to all users in 5 cities of India in the next three months.


Ola has stated that the service will be available for an introductory flat fare of Rs. 50. Ola has launched the concept of social groups on its app. With groups, users from a work place or friends from a college can come together and share rides amongst them.

Users can also join multiple groups or share a ride with other users as well. When a user requests ‘Share’ in the Ola app, he will be matched with other users from their groups.

Most taxis have only 33 per cent utilization of capacities. However, the new ‘Share’ feature will bring economy, convenience and comfort when traveling with people having similar destinations. It will also increase inventory utilization of vehicles on the platform.

The new feature will also contribute towards reduction of traffic, congestion and pollution in Indian cities.

The feature is also a major step towards sustainable transportation. It will allow users to travel at a cheaper cost and also benefit the company and drivers.

Using Ola Share, a maximum of three people can share a cab. Driver-partners will have the option to log into the Share platform and get instant access to increased revenue of up to 50 per cent, through continuous fulfilment of booking requests.

A user can join multiple groups or choose to share ride with others. Uber has also launched a similar service called UberPool. It is essentially a carpooling service. The service is currently in testing phase in Bengaluru.

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