Now You Can Mute Individual Browser Tabs on Google Chrome

Last year, Google introduced a small icon in Chrome browser which indicated the tab in which audio was playing. Subsequently Google started testing the feature which would allow the users to mute individual tabs on the browser. Google has finally rolled out this feature in the latest version of its browser.

Now you can simply find out the tab showing the small audio icon, right click on it and mute the audio. This feature is available on all Windows, Linux and Mac OS versions of Chrome web browser. This feature has been added since version 46 of the browser.

Before the feature was natively available, you had to install an extension to mute individual tabs of the browser.

Chrome mute tab

Version 46 of Chrome was launched last week. For Android, Chrome v46.0.2490.76 comes with several performance improvements such as new optimized image loading and service tools.

Google has also announced that it will be doing away with Chrome desktop notification Centre in the upcoming versions of the browser. Not many users utilize the notification Centre and many disable it, making it obsolete and pointless.

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