Microsoft Dialer, a New Voice Call App Especially for India

Microsoft is reportedly working with Skype to create a new voice calling app by the name ‘Dialer’. The new Android app is being developed particularly for Indian consumers. Microsoft has not made any official announcements regarding the app and any information about the app is based on rumours.

The new app may be officially launched in the second week of December this year. The app is designed to be optimized for Indian networks where reliability is a concern. The app will also work on 2G networks. According to some sources, Microsoft will be launching Dialer first for Android users and will follow it with the Windows Phone version next year.



Apart from voice calls, Dialer is also likely to support video sharing. It is not known if the app will support video calling. The Dialer app may also be a replacement for the default dialing pad found on Android phones with additional features such as Skype incorporated into it. Microsoft will likely expand the app to other markets if it receives a favourable response in India.

Earlier, Microsoft had announced that it was working on a separate Skype application for India and started testing the app in the month of September. To test the app, Android users can sign up for the pre-release program. Users have to participate in a survey, based on which the company will select them for participation in the program. Chosen users will not be able to disclose any information about the app publicly.

Apps such as WhatsApp and Hike are very popular in India. Voice calling using Internet data offers advantages such as low cost and easy sharing. Microsoft’s recently acquired Skype is relatively less popular as it is bulkier and also needs more data. With a lighter new app offering more features, Microsoft should be able to provide more competition to rivals apps that currently have a bigger market share.

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