Make your computer faster by getting rid of useless apps

You might have just purchased a new computer but it may be slow as a snail. Often, this is not due to the specs of your computer. The computer manufacturer might have installed many software applications which are bloating and slowing your new computer. If you are not going to use many of these applications, you can simply uninstall them and save your computer’s resources.

It is common for most computer manufacturers to install lots of software on the computers they sell. This is because they have agreements with software companies to put trial software on new computers.

For example, many new computers come with free games with time limitation. You will be able to play these games for some time or up to certain levels after which you have to pay money to be able to play the game.


Not all software applications that come preinstalled on new computers are trial ware. The computer manufacturer may include many utilities such as CD burners and free antivirus software.

Preinstalled software applications may slow down the computer by starting up when the computer starts and taking up resources. If you do not use these software, they will simply sit idle and waste your computer’s resources.

The best way to solve this issue is to uninstall unwanted applications. If there are only a few applications, you can use the native Windows utility that allows you to install and uninstall applications. You can open this utility by searching for “uninstall” in the search field after clicking on Start.

You can also use third-party tools such as Revo UnInstaller or CCleaner. In most cases when applications are uninstalled, they leave a number of keys in the registry which can slow down your computer. You can use registry cleaners such as CCleaner to get rid of these unwanted keys and improve your computer’s performance.

An even better option is to reinstall Windows and install only required applications. Your computer will most likely come with an OEM license key which can be used to install Windows from a DVD. If your computer has not come with a driver CD, you will have to download the drivers individually from the company’s website and install them.

If you do not want to uninstall the applications or reinstall Windows, you can still make your computer faster by disabling the software from starting up at the time of boot up. Windows comes with a utility called “msconfig” which allows you to enable and disable applications from running at startup. You can also use a utility such as CCleaner to enable and disable applications at startup. Using CCleaner is a better option because it also comes with many other features that allow you to tweak your computer and make it faster.

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