Lumia 520 Internet Sharing: How To


Nokia Lumia 520: How to Share Internet Connection with Other Devices

If you have a Nokia Lumia 520 and a data connection, you can access the Internet from other devices such as tablets, laptops or other smartphones by sharing the Internet connection. Any device which supports Wi-Fi can connect to your phone and share the Internet connection.

Nokia Lumia 520 currently doesn’t support USB tethering. Most Android smartphones have this feature but unfortunately Lumia 520 doesn’t. With Lumia 520 Internet sharing is restricted only to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. If you want to access Internet on a desktop that doesn’t have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you are out of luck.

Here are instructions to configure Lumia 520 as a Wi-Fi hotspot for Internet sharing:

1) Go to ‘Settings’
2) Open ‘Internet Sharing’
3) Tap the toggle to switch it On
4) The Internet Sharing settings will open up
5) You can click on the ‘setup’ button at the bottom and specify your settings or use the default Broadcast name and Password

Your Wi-Fi connection will now be visible from other devices. When you connect to the hotspot, you’ll be asked to enter the password. Enter the password you see on your mobile phone and click connect..

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