IT Pro and Developer Preview of Office 2016 for the Windows Desktop Available

The IT Pro and Developer Preview of Office 2016 for the Windows desktop is now available to the Commercial Office 365 customers. This was announced on March 16, 2015 by Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president for the Office 365 Client Apps and Services team.

The upcoming release is available for testing and the IT Pro and Developers can get to experience few of the features of Office 2016. The preview doesn’t contain all the features that it is supposed to have have ever, the Office 365 services team confirms that customers will get to see new features to constant monthly updates.

The current release will contain updates such as-Data Loss Protection (DTP), technical improvements to Outlook, keyboard accessibility to few features, Informations Right Management (IRM), Macros and Add-Ins and Click-to-Run deployment.

Here’s a brief gist of what the updates are about:

  • Data Loss Protection (DLP) is available in Outlook, Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business. This feature will now be incorporated in Word, Excel and Powerpoint as well. This ensures that certain policies can be enforced to protect and detect policy violation.
  • There are some significant technical improvements made to Outlook. MAPI-HTTP protocol will replace RPC-based sync for Internet-friendly connectivity supporting Exchange/Outlook connectivity. The email delivery performance was tracked and the new update will take very less time to download messages, display of new emails.
  • Multi-factor authentication through integration with the Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) will be enabled through the new update
  • A new Background Intelligence Transfer Service (BITS) to prevent congestion on the network.
  • Issues in Excel features such as PivotTables and Slicers are addressed and they are made easily accessible through keyboard.
  • IRM protection is extended to Visio files through the new version to protect Vision diagrams online and off-line.

Visit the Office 2016 Preview program on the Microsoft Connect site for more details on instructions, how to download the applications of Office 2016 Preview program.

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