Is rewriting articles considered plagiarism?

Many people rewrite content for their websites or blogs. Writing articles is much more easier than writing articles from scratch. All the research is already done and so all that the writer has to do is rewrite the article sentence by sentence. If the article is completely rewritten, they won’t be the issue of duplicate content. I have seen rewritten articles rank well in the search engine ranking positions.

So, now let us come to the main questions:

Is rewriting considered plagiarism? Will there be copyright issues?

Rewriting articles can be considered plagiarism because it fits into its definition. Plagiarism is defined as:

the “wrongful appropriation” and “purloining and publication” of another author’s “language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions,” and the representation of them as one’s own original work.

(From Wikipedia)

This definition applies more to academia rather than for the web. Rewriting articles can be considered plagiarism as it involves wrongful appropriation of the language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions of another writer.



Significance for SEO

Search engines hate duplicate content. If your website/blog has significant amounts of duplicate content, it can adversely affect your rankings. However, rewritten content will not be an issue as it unique. Ensure that you rewrite completely and that your article doesn’t have anything in common with the original article.

Copyright issues

Theoretically, it is possible that there can be copyright issues with rewritten content on the web. However, it practice if you rewrite effectively, it may not be an issue. If you are worried about copyright issues, you should write your articles from scratch.

Effective rewriting strategies

– Research and gather content from different sources and rewrite in your own words

– Rewrite line by line so that there isn’t anything common with original sources

– Compare the article with original sources to ensure that there is nothing in common

– Use copyscape or other similar tools to check if there is any duplicate content in your articles


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