Is article marketing dead?

Article marketing is one of the most effective Internet marketing techniques. There are many rumours and discussions on various blogs and forums that article marketing is dead. This is not exactly true—article marketing is not dead. It still works but it is time to change the way you do it.

The basic idea behind article marketing is simple:

1. You write articles related to your website/blog/product.

2. You submit them to article directories and add links to your website/blog/product in the footer or body of the article.

3. People will visit your article in search of information and visit your website/blog or buy your product.

4. Search engines will crawl these articles and since the links are contextual and on authoritative sites, rank your webpages well in the SERPS.

Why is article marketing not working as it used to before? The answer is simple: It is being abused. Many people write one article and post it to many article directories. Duplicate content on non-authoritative websites will not provide direct traffic or any SEO benefits. Search engines see this as a deliberate attempt to artificially manipulate the rankings and so penalize the sites.

Many people also ‘spin’ articles i.e. create rehashed copies of articles and submit them to different directories. After the recent updates, Google has started penalizing such practices. It is better to avoid such practices and stick to normal article marketing.

Here are some effective strategies to make article marketing more effective:

1. Submit only to the top article directories. The top directories have good page rank and domain authority. They also screen their content strictly. This ensures that a backlink on such sites still carries some value.

2. Write good quality articles. Your articles should be natural and informative. Write articles with your users in mind rather than the search engines.

3. Improve the quality of the content on your sites. If your sites don’t contain quality content, no matter how many backlinks you have, it will not help.

4. Don’t restrict to article directories, include blogs and websites. Most bloggers/webmasters will accept articles if they are well written and add value. Many bloggers are willing to have guest posts. You can find them by searching for keywords like “submit guest post”, “write for us”, etc.

Things you should never do:

1. Rehash articles

2. Submit the same article to 100s of articles directories

3. Post articles on unrelated blogs or websites


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