How to Write Articles for SEO

SEO i.e. search engine optimization is the best method for improving the popularity of your blog or website. It takes time and effort but it is very cost effective. You could be promoting a blog, an affiliate website or an online store, but search engine optimization works best in providing good results.

Writing articles for SEO requires good writing skills. You should be able to write articles that are informative with flow and continuity. At the same time, your articles should also contain the right mix of keywords. Keyword variations should be placed strategically so that search engines rank your articles well. It is also important to include links to external sources so that your articles serve the purpose of providing even more information to your visitors.


Here are instructions for writing articles from SEO point of view:

1. Plan your articles well: Your articles should be well written with flow and continuity. Your articles should not be mere facts and figures. Instead they should contain elements that keep your visitors interested. Always keep your articles natural. Split your articles into smaller paragraphs. This makes reading easier. You can also consider using bullet points to make reading even easier.

Remember, a single well written article can get you more traffic than 100 badly written articles written in haste. Content is king and it will also be so.

2. Target long tail keywords: Many people make the mistake of targeting keywords that have lots of competition. It is better to target longtail keywords that have less competition. For instance, writing an article targeting “cheap webhosting company india” will provide better SEO results than just “webhosting”. The latter keyword has millions of competing results and so it is highly improbable that you will be able to ever rank well for that keyword.

3. Proofread your articles thoroughly: Make sure that your articles do not contain spelling and grammatical mistakes. Spelling and grammatical mistakes indicate that the quality of the article is low. This will make an impact on your search engine rankings. If you do not have time to proof read your articles, you may consider outsourcing it to someone else.

4. Give references and link to other related web pages: Adding references and links to your articles makes them more informative and add value to them. It is best to always link to reputable websites or blogs. You can also add reference links to journal articles. If you do not want to pass pagerank to the linked pages, consider making the links “no follow”.

It is not simply enough to write articles. It is also important to build backlinks. You can use various strategies such as article marketing, directory submissions, etc. But the best way to build backlinks is to do guest posting on relevant blogs. This not only helps building backlinks but also in connecting with others in the niche.

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