Google Plans to Insert ‘Buy’ Button in Search Results

Search engine giant Google may soon insert a ‘Buy’ button in its search results, enabling users to make purchases directly from search results. According to a report published in the Wall Street Journal, Google is planning to introduce the feature in the next few weeks. The buttons will appear along with advertisements in the ‘Shop on Google’ section. Google has not made any official announcements regarding the same.

Users who click on the ‘Buy’ button will be redirected to a Google Product page where they will be able to customize, specify the shipping details and complete the order. As of now, users who click on items in the ‘Shop on Google’ section are redirected to the retailer’s website. Since different retailers have different interfaces, it makes for a non-uniform shopping experience.


Google will not be selling the products themselves. The products will be sold by independent retailers. The company will also not be taking any commissions from the purchases. However, addition of the ‘Buy’ button will make the search engine more relevant and useful for Internet users. A large number of Internet users purchase stuff online and e-commerce has seen an exponential growth in the recent years. In the coming years as well, the trend is likely to continue as more users come online and markets expand in developing countries. The new feature should appeal to this section.

In the recent years, Google has toyed its way into e-commerce, streamlining paid search results, and rolling out its same-day delivery service, Google Shopping Express, which remains limited to seven U.S. markets, including Manhattan, Chicago, Boston, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco.

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