Google Pixel C–The Perfect Android Tablet for Serious Work

Google has announced an all-new Android tablet hybrid called the Pixel C. The new device from the Chromebook team offers features that make it ideal for business work. The C in the name stands for “convertible” which is what the device aims to be. Google is marketing the new device for the premium segment at a relatively high price of $499 with an added $149 for the keyboard. For those who love Android and polished hardware, the Pixel C is a good option.

The Pixel C is the first Android tablet that Google has developed without any hardware partners. The device comes in a brushed aluminium finish that gives it a premium look. The tablet itself weighs about 500 grams. With the companion keyboard, the device weighs about a kilo.

Google Pixel C


As mentioned before, the Pixel C is priced as $499. The optional keyboard costs $149. The keyboard is not an absolute necessity. However, it is worth it as it makes using the device a lot easier and provides for a better experience overall.

The tablet and the keyboard are held together by strong magnets. The tablet fits well into the keyboard’s magnetic hinge. The magnets are very strong and hold the device well. In this respect, the device triumphs over the Surface’s kickstand and most iPad accessories. Even a strong shake will not detach the setup.

The Pixel C is comparable to Microsoft’s Surface series of devices in many aspects. However, there are some differences. For instance, the Pixel C doesn’t feature a trackpad. A trackpad does make a good addition to the touchscreen but it is not indispensable and this could be the reason why the designers decided to drop it. Users who find using a mouse convenient can pair a Bluetooth-enabled mouse with the device and use it.

The Pixel C’s keyboard is surprisingly good. It has responsive keys that have good springiness. It will take some time to get used to but after some playing around it doesn’t feel any different from a standard full sized keyboard.

The Pixel C is designed for productivity. The device is powerful and at the same time is portable. It also features a good battery which provides hours of backup. The combination of NVIDIA X1 quad-core processor, Maxwell GPU and 3 GB of RAM provides decent performance.

Android provides a decent platform for productivity. Creating and editing documents and email is easy but the platform lacks the flexibility of a full-fledged desktop operating system. However, if you are an Android power user, the Pixel C’s processing muscle combined with its ergonomic keyboard, battery life and ultra-portability make it an ideal device.

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