Freedom 251: Cheapest Smartphone in India

Just a few years ago, smartphones were so costly that only a few could afford them. They were considered a luxury and only big-shots could buy them. However now, they have reached a point where they can be considered an essential part of life. A new smartphone named ‘Freedom 251’ is going to planning to take smartphones to a whole new level.

A local smartphone manufacturer ‘Ringing Bells’ is going to launch the India’s cheapest smartphone on Wednesday i.e. 17-02-2015. The company has received support from the government which is emphasizing on connecting every Indian and bring about a digital revolution. The Freedom 251 is likely the world’s cheapest smartphone and will be available for less than Rs. 500 (approximately US $7).

Details such as the exact retail price and specifications of the handset will be announced at the launch event. The launch event will see the presence of a number of Government Officials.

The Freedom 251 reminds us of the Aakash Tablet which was promoted by Government to provide students with an affordable computing device. The tablet was launched in India in 2011 at Rs. 3000. The project was not very successful and was shut down last year.


Ringing Bells Smart101

Earlier this month, Ringing Bells made headlines by launching the Smart101, a 4G smartphone at an affordable price of Rs. 2999. The smartphone comes with features that are impressive for its price: 5-inch display, 1.3 GHz quad-core Soc, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB inbuilt storage. The phone also comes with microSD slot using which storage can be expanded to 32 GB.

The Freedom 251 smartphone at a price point of less than Rs. 500 has the potential to significantly improve connectivity in India. Even though India has a large number of smartphone users, a significant number of people still do not have access to phones. It needs to be seen how the new device will be received and what impact it is going to make.

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