Free Desktop Blogging Software for Windows

Most blogging platforms such as WordPress come with intuitive and efficient post editors. However, they are still not adequate when it comes to certain features. This is where a desktop blogging software can prove to be a better solution. Using these software you can create blog posts as easily you can create a document in a word processor. You don’t have to sign in to your blog’s dashboard every time you want to create a blog post. You can also create complex formatting and upload images with ease. Desktop blogging software also allow you to manage multiple blogs easily from a single interface.


Here are the best free desktop blogging software for Windows:

1) Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is undoubtedly the best desktop blogging software for Windows. It comes with powerful formatting tools and an image editor which allows you to create well-formatted blog posts. It also supports plugins which allow you to extend the basic functionality. It supports almost all popular blogging platforms. One of the best features of Windows Live Writer is that it supports WordPress pages. This is very useful when you create ‘normal’ websites using WordPress.

2) BlogDesk

BlogDesk is a lightweight desktop blogging client for Windows. It comes with good formatting tools that allow you to create and publish blog posts with ease. BlogDesk also comes with a powerful image wizard which allows you to edit and modify images before inserting them into your blog posts. When compared to Windows Live Writer, BlogDesk looks very simple but it is an effective blogging tool. By using BlogDesk, you will can easily improve your blogging productivity, BlogDesk can post only posts and not pages on Wrordpress based blogs.

3) BlogJet

BlogJet is not a free software but it comes with a 30 day trial. The software supports all major blogging platforms. It comes with good formatting and image editing features. It comes with a sophisticated yet easy-to-use interface, It also comes with features such as auto-replace, word counter and blog statistics, smileys, custom fields, etc. BlogJet supports WordPress pages as well.

4) ScribeFire

ScribeFire is not a standalone application. It is a plugin for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. It comes with many features such as formatting, image upload, support for multiple blogs, etc. You can manage all your blogs from your browser with ease using ScribeFire. When compared to other desktop clients, ScribeFire is lacking in some respects but it is very efficient and useful for managing your blogs..