Five alternatives to Temple Run

Temple Run is one of the most popular Android games right now. It has been downloaded over 100 million times. People all around the world have played this game more than 10 billion times. The game was first launched for the Apple iPhone and it was highly successful. Then it was launched for the Android platform. Just within three days of its launch, it was downloaded over one million times.

I am very certain that if you play this game once, you will definitely get hooked to it. The main reason why the game is very addictive is that it is a simple to play but at the same time provides a lot of entertainment.

Alternatives to Temple Run

If you are addicted to this game, I’m sure that you will have a lot of difficulty in finding an alternative that will fit the bill. There are many other games but none of them are exactly like this game. However, there are several games that have the same style and appearance. Here we bring five free games that are equally addictive and fun just like Temple Run:

Subway Surfers


In Subway Surfers, you have to catch as many coins as possible to unlock nucleus, get power magnets etc. You will really love the way the scenery changes during in the game.

Crazy Grandpa


Crazy Grandpa is a highly addictive game with pretty good controls. In this game, you have to guide Grandpa on the street at full speed on a skateboard. You have to dodge incoming traffic and advance. Instead of the coins, you have to collect parts that get in the way.

Crazy Fist II


This game is very similar to Temple Run. It this game, you have to escape from a monster that is chasing you. This game comes with excellent dark mythology kind of graphics. It is simple to play but comes with exciting keyboard system.

Treasure Hunter


In this game, you have to search ancient Egyptian pyramids for lost treasures. You have two maps and two modes. You can buy points and lives in the shop.

Chasing Yello


In this game, you how to help Yello the goldfish to escape dangers in a river filled with rocks, burning logs etc. On the way, you can collect starts, magnets and cool cartoon animations.

If you know of any other games that are good alternatives to Temple Run, use the form below to let others know..

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