How to Convert Vodafone 3G to 4G

Vodafone has one of the best mobiles networks in India. If you are using a 3G Vodafone, you can convert it to 4G very easily.

How to convert Vodafone 3G to 4G

1. Go to your nearest mobile SIM card dealer. It is not necessary to go to a Vodafone store but you can also go there if you wish.

2. Tell the dealer that you wish to upgrade from 3G to 4G. You don’t have to show any ID proof.

3. The SIM card dealer will provide a new SIM and ask you to type SIMEX <19 or 20 digit SIM card number of the new SIM> and send the message to 55199.

4. You will receive an SMS to confirm the request. You will need to send the last six digits of the new SIM card again.

5. Your request for upgrade will be processed within 10-20 minutes. Once your SIM has been upgraded, the 3G tower will start showing no signal.

6. Now remove the 3G SIM and insert the 4G SIM in your phone. You will be able to use your 4G SIM now.

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