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BSNL offers data card based on EVDO technology. Using this card, you can access the Internet without need of landline. You can use the services while on move as it comes with free roaming. BSNL EVDO is currently the only unlimited 3G service in India. It is truly unlimited with no fair usage policy.

If you are a download junkie and live in a place where there is BSNL EVDO signal strength, it is best to go for it. However, do your research and test that it works before purchasing–it has weak signals in many places.


BSNL EVDO is available all over India with the exception of some places such as Hyderabad where it has been closed. BSNL EVDO is available in prepaid as well as postpaid. EVDO allows you to surf the Internet at a maximum speed up to 3.1 Mbps.

While it is possible that you can make payment for other BSNL mobiles and services online from the BSNL portal, you can’t recharge EVDO prepaid currently from the portal. This facility may be available in the future but it is not available as of now.

So the alternative is to use PayTM. I have used PayTM and can confirm that it works. If you are on unlimited prepaid plan (Rs 750 per month), you have to pay Rs 825 as there is service tax involved.

Note: After taking BSNL EVDO connection, you have to recharge Rs. 20 after one month to prolong its validity by 6 months. You cannot recharge this online from any site. I have tried many different online recharge websites but none worked. I also tried two different local mobile recharge shops and it didn’t work either. I then went to the exchange and had it recharged from the counter and it worked.


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  1. Thank you for sharing very useful information.

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  2. Thanks . but from which tag in payam: data card tab or mobile tab. Also I didn’t find any recharge plan of 825 for unlimited net . its all limited .please reply asap

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