Best News Apps for Android (India)

News apps are a good option for staying in touch with current affairs. It is very convenient to browse news articles on your smart phone. There are several news apps for Android. Here is a list of the best news apps for Android.

Best News Apps for Android (IndIa)

1. Newshunt (formerly Dailyhunt)

Newshunt is an Android news app designed particularly for India. It curates news articles from various online Indian news websites. It also provides latest news articles as notifications. Apart from Android, Newshunt is also available for iOS and Windows Phone. The app is very versatile and can be customised to provide news in local languages as well. It also provides interesting videos and viral videos that are trending on WhatsApp. It supports Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil and Bengali as well.

2. Google Play Newsstand

Google Play Newsstand is a news curation app from Google. It is one of the best news apps available for Android. It comes with a versatile interface. It allows you to select topics of interest and create a custom section called ‘My News’. There is also an option for offline reading. Google Play Newsstand is available only for Android. It is not available for iOS and Windows Phone.

3. The Hindu

The Hindu is one of the most popular news papers in India. The official Android app comes with a simple user interface and is lightweight and fast. It shows news from different sections. The app is also available for iOS and Windows Phone.

4. FirstPost News

FirstPost is a popular news website in India. The FirstPost app is an easy way to access the news articles of FirstPost on your Android smartphone. The app also allows you to access photos and videos in addition to news articles.


NDTV is one the leading news channels in India. The app allows you to access NDTV media on your phone. Additionally, it also provides access to other NDTV channels such as NDTV Profit and NDTV Good Times. The NDTV app is available for iOS and Windows Phone as well.

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