Be Creative Using These Browser-Based Presentation Tools

Thanks to the modern technology which is completely transforming the way we use computers and other smart gadgets. In the transition phase, everything we do with technology is moving from software to browser-based. We have browser based games, browser-based apps, browser-based presentations as well.

Browser-based presentations are getting popular day by day and are very easy to understand and access. The best thing about these browser-based presentations is that it is browser-based presentations you don’t need to purchase any software and you don’t need to update or install PowerPoint on your system. The presentations made Channel are creative, attractive, interactive and of course minimal.

There are many browser based presentation tools and here are a few which we think will make you create powerful, interactive, creative and quality presentations:

1. Reveal.js

2. Google Docs

3. Stack

1. Reveal.js is based on HTML. Reveal.js don’t you to be an expert in coding. It comes with a visual editor which will guide you to make the best presentations. Your work is stored securely and is also accessible from anywhere. It has many teams, background colours, transition effects, slide background, fragments and many more. Slides can be nested inside of each other in the way you want-vertical slides, horizontal slides etc. The presentations can be converted to PDF format as well and the speaker view option lets you save the speaker notes. Reveal.js also supports CSS 3D transforms with fallbacks.


2. Google Docs is a clean presentation tool which integrates easily with Google Drive. It doesn’t offer a wide variety of themes; however, the limited number of themes available is pretty decent. Google Docs is known for its user interface and responsiveness. You can easily find images with the help of Image Search which makes your work easy.

3. Stack is a presentation tool in which you can navigate by scrolling, using the keyboard page up and Page down or the Space bar. You can create powerful animation with the help of this tool. You can create complex animations and have the options to activate and deactivate the visibility of them as and when you require. Presentations are made very interesting with Stack.


Do try out these and be creative at your work.

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