Android O New Features

Android O is the codename of an upcoming release of the Android mobile operating system. It is set to release on August 21, 2017. There have been many rumours about the possible nickname and “Android Oreo” is the most likely name. Other possible names include “Octopus” and “Oatmeal Cookie”.

Here is a list of new features introduced in Android O.

Android O New Features

  • Adaptive and redesigned icons: Android O users can customize the user interface for creating icons in different shapes. Rounded square-shaped icons have replaced Cylinder-shaped ones to give a better feel and looks. It is also possible to add specific animated actions for each icon to represent an action.
  • Enhanced audio and connectivity: Android O comes with advanced level of Bluetooth audio codecs for improved performance even with low-latency audio such as the LDAC Codec and the native AAudio technology.
  • Picture in Picture (PiP) mode: PiP mode enables you to watch YouTube videos while simultaneously working on an app. The PiP mode allows the user to minimize the app window after resizing the video window or pause the video until the work with the app is done and then resume playback with a single click on it.
  • Background app usage limits: Android O eliminates the usage of data and battery resources by background apps and therefore conserves the battery life.
  • Enhanced notification interface: Unread notifications appear as a dot on the individual app icons whenever there is a new notification. Tapping and holding on the notification message opens a pop-up which shows the details.
  • New emojis: Android O comes with a whole bunch of new emojis. The emojis have been redesigned along the lines of iOS and come with rounded faces. Some new emojis include mermaid, fairy, wizard and giraffe.
  • Faster boot: Android O boots faster as the underlying code has been optimized for speed.

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