Amazon to launch Ad-Supported Video Streaming Service

Here is a news about the new service from The online retailer will release a new ad supported media streaming service tentatively next year as per some of the sources from the New York Post.

The information from the citing sources is that the service is different from the company’s Prime Membership. However there is no information on whether the service is free or chargeable.

As said earlier, this new service will be separate from Prime and it is also informed that this service will compete with Netflix Inc. and Hulu.

Amazon is planning to increase its video share and ultimately tempt the users into their Prime that memberships.

We just have to wait until we get the formal news about this service from Amazon as they are currently denying about releasing this service. Here is what Amazon says about their plans:

” We currently offer the first episode of some television shows free with ads to our first episode free feature on Amazon instant video, and there are display ads on some short videos such as movie and game trailers. We are often experimenting with new offers and experiences for customers, but we have not announced any plans to offer an ad supported media streaming service”


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