5 Reasons Why You Should Explore Hike Calling Feature

It is a known fact to everybody by now that Hike Messenger acquired Zip Phone – a free calling app in the beginning of January. As announced earlier this month, the new voice calling feature is now available for all the users across the world.

Hike Calls

Hike calls can be accessed by all the Android users globally in over 200+ countries. The Hike calls are rolled out for free for all the users worldwide.

As per the Hike’s blog “While building free hike calls, we kept two things in mind. Firstly, India is a very cost sensitive market and as a result we’ve ensured that our service is extremely efficient on data. It means our users can pack in many more minutes per MB when calling on hike.”

Here is the Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Explore Hike Calling Feature:

1. Save money as it is a free calling app and calls can be made globally with no charge

2. Free hike to hike calls over 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi

3. Calls can be made in over 200+ countries

4. Optimized for low bandwidth networks

5. Hike calls will be rolled out to iOS and Windows Phone users in the coming months.

Download Hike and try out talking to your dear friends abroad or in your own country

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